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We love competitions. From tie-breakers to prize-draws, we try and track down every genuine competition in the UK (in fact, we'll even find ones that aren't legitimate so you don't waste time and money entering them).

We have a team of researchers who cover the whole of the UK. Each member sends us competitions as they find them, so this means we have the most up-to-date and largest listing of competitions in the UK.

This unrivalled network of contacts mean we can answer any query you may have, quickly and accurately. It also ensures that our competition listings are the most comprehensive published.

Sports Betting is one of the UK's fastest growing leisure activities and we will help you make the most of the opportunities available.

An ever increasing number of bookmakers have to cover an ever increasing range of sports and associated areas (like pop music, book/art awards and even reality TV shows). This means their resources are thinly spread - and for the informed Sports Betting investor this can offer some fantastic opportunities.

The bookies often shortcut on research as most people follow their emotions when placing bets. But by using our betting statistics and combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, as odds compliers and writers, you can exploit their weaknesses and make money regularly.

We have several free services, football betting newsletters and websites as well as more general sports betting information


Simply Prizes is one of the UK's most popular competition website, and features over 150 brand new competitions every week. 

As a member you will receive the following:

  • Over 150 competitions uploaded every week...
  • £500 worth of members only prizes to be won...
  • All answers to the competitions provided for you, which makes entering them even easier... 
  • Easy to print off Shopping List... 
  • A guarantee that no spam or duplicated competitions are included in any of our listings... 
  • Easy to access members only website to log your entries... 
  • A weekly email from Sammy with handy tips and advice... 
  • Sammy's Blog on the website is also updated weekly

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We ONLY bet at big value prices

Every tip we send out will be at odds bigger than they truly should be! Get 10/1 for a 2/1 favourite... or 100/1 for a 15/1 contender. We never bet at odds less than 3/1.

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If you thought your news feed was hard enough to keep up with, image how much time it would take to find all those competitions.  With our help you don't have to.  400 competitions that you don't have to find for yourself - and to make it even easier to win, we give you the answers to those pesky questions promoters like to throw in to get you hunting around their sites in the hope you'll be distracted by their latest offers.

Plus you can sort the Facebook competitions from the Twitter competitions at the click of a button - leaving you free to pick and choose the competitions you want to enter.

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My name is Nick Pullen. I cut my teeth working for one of the country's best-known bookies. I learned a lot about the way odds were set and how punters were lured in to spend their money on bets that lined the bookies’ pockets.

But I’ve always been more on the side of the punter, which was why – after many years – I left to set up as a betting advisor, building a loyal following of bettors who were sick of making bookmakers rich and wanted to take control themselves.

Unlike your regular ‘tipster’, I don’t hoard my secrets and ask for money for hunches or educated guesses. I hand over all the information I used to make money and TEACH people to start betting smarter!

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The benefit of entering DAILY competitions is that they are not around for long, meaning less people will get their name in the draw and so your chances of winning shoot up. Plus, with such short closing times, it means you won't have to hang about to hear when you're a winner. 

Enjoy the buzz of entering daily competitions with Coffee Break Winner and win fantastic daily prizes!

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Champions league bet

This service is dedicated to helping you make money from European football's biggest club competition...

Showing you how to cash-in on the bets the bookies DON'T WANT you to place...

On every round of games right up to and including the final in Berlin in May.

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No ordinary publisher….My name is Dave Gibson and I’ve spent the last 25 years building and operating successful information publishing businesses. But I’m no ordinary publisher. I don’t publish works of fiction, newspapers or glossy magazines. I publish newsletters and reports based on ideas, information and insights you won’t see in the mainstream press or in publications you can buy at the news stand.

Our newsletters and reports are designed to help the people who read them – on a strictly practical level. Our publications seek not just to inform – but to educate and to deliver information and advice that help our readers make big improvements and get better results in key areas of their lives. 

One central idea runs through all our individual titles. We seek to report the truth as we see it – with no half-measures. We seek to say it as we see it – honestly and without prejudice. And that’s what Money Truths does by delivering information, insight and advice that will help you to see, to understand and to take advantage of what is really happening in the world of money in the UK and overseas.

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